Melanie McIvor

Registered Massage Therapist
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  • Services

    • keyboard_arrow_right Registered Massage Therapy
      Registered massage therapy has many health benefits, and it’s included in most extended health plans!
    • keyboard_arrow_right Hot Stone Therapy
      Ideal for those who want to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and to increase circulation and metabolism.

      Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on specific points on the body to help ease tension.

      The stones are also used to massage away trouble spots and to soothe aching muscles. The temperature of the stones is very closely monitored to ensure optimal heat levels. A warming relaxing treatment.
    • keyboard_arrow_right Thai Herbal Massage
      Thai Herbal Massage incorporates the use of steamed herbal compresses, massage and gentle stretching.

      Aromatic herbs help detoxify and nourish muscles or the moisturizing coconut compress helps alleviate dry skin.
    • keyboard_arrow_right Thai Herbal Facial
      Small steamed clay or coconut compresses are used with Facial Massage Therapy, acupressure, scalp and neck massage to relax and nourish your entire head.
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I have been practicing as a registered massage therapist for 13 years now. I’ve always worked for other people, but I’m now at a point in my career where I find myself craving independence. So, I found a room to rent. A room in a beautiful wellness centre I was then given the opportunity to be responsible for the entire centre. A responsibility I did not take lightly. I have been carefully cultivating an amazing space in which people can come to heal. I have been assembling a truly gifted and diverse group of individuals to be your wellness team. I am truly excited about this opportunity and look forward to becoming a part of your health and healing journey.